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Episodic Content:
Strongbadia - home of Strongbad and vacation spot of Homestar Runner
Dinosaur Comics - how many different interpretations are there for a single scene?
Sluggy Freelance - web comic from when web comics were new
Penny Arcade - web comic from when I cared about webcomics about video games
Dave Barry's blog - where does he find this stuff?

Online Games:
Nanaca Crash - Quite possibly the most amazing flash game ever.
Experimental Gameplay Projects - new wackiness every week! - Play classic turn-based games against online opponents.
Zombie Population Simulator - with links to more different zombie simulators

Card Games:
Wizards of the Coast - Makers of Magic the Gathering
Gatherer - Mtg Database
Star City Games - Mtg Strategy
Official Magic Forums

IMDB - international movie database
The Numbers - Box Office Data
MPAA - the Motion Picture Association

Design Resources

Video Game Design Sites:
The Inspiracy - Designer Noah Falstein
GameDevBlog - Jamie Fristrom Blogs
Earnest Adams - keeper of the designer's notebook and international hobo.
Michael Fitch - THQ creative mgr talks about the job of designer
Grumpy Gamer - Ron Gilbert's blog
David Sirlin - game design theory
Tom Sloper - school of classic game design
Dave Perry - happy Shiny game making - design article database
Random Terrain  - game design quotes and links coutesy of Duane Alan Hahn
Cold Milk - video game design & development

Other Game Design Sites:
BGDF - the board game designer forums
Greg Costikyan - Designer of Toon and Paranoia RPGs
Monte Cook - D&D 3ed edition designer's site
Giant in the Playground - designer Rich Burlew's web comic Order of the Stick
Bossy the Cow - Keith Baker, winner of TSR's 2002 fantasy game setting contest
Allen Varney - writer/designer
Mark Hughes - Game Design and Development
GameGrene - bastion of RPG goodness
Andrew Looney - creator of the card game Fluxx

Art Resources

Artist sites:
SaveLoomis - online repository of Andrew Loomis drawing aids
goodbrush - artist Craig Mullins
Beeba - Alan Tew's Sketchbook
Jeff Miracola - fantasy illustrator website
Frank Cho - creator of Liberty Meadows
Melmade - Mel Milton: sketch, flash and 3D
Lee Phung - a former coworker and collegemate
Sketchovision - Jim 'Meats' Meier 3D airbrush
Art wanted - artist Chris Hawkes
Studio 4D1 - artist Chad Lee
Prometheus Spawning Grounds - including a sweet art tutorial

Art Community:
Concept Art 2.0 - nice forum for artists of all levels - My CA Sketchbook
Deviant Art - free galleries, huge site - My Deviations Gallery
CG talk - Computer Generated art community and forums
Comic Book Resources

Sketchbook sessions - The drawing (message) board - digital art forums

ASFA - Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists
Epilogue - Fantasy Art gallery/community (sci-fi & anime too)
3D Artists - artist community

Game Resources

Game Info:
Game Rankings - Video game review database
IE Magazine
GameDaily Newsletter
Game Market Watch
ESRB - Video game ratings
Blue's News
1/4 to 3 - video game forums - lots more game links - boardgame community and database - database and store in one
Discover Games - board game and toy inventor resource
Pen & Paper RPGs - Role Playing Game and creator database - Role Playing Game community
Moby Games - Videogame and developer database

Game Companies:
Cryptic Studios - Makers of City of Heroes
Saffire - Makers of Van Helsing and Brood War
Doublefine - Tim Schafer, comedy adventure genius 
Cheapass Games - James Ernest game designs
Avalanche Software - yet another Salt Lake game company
Faultline Studios - Makers of Crown of the Emperor
Beyond Games - Is that website still up?
I think they are called Smartbomb Interactive now.
Gearworks Games - That site went up?
Steve Jackson Games