You want to know more about the man that is called Neil Melville?  Not satisfied with the sole opinion of this man about the subject?  Collected here for your viewing pleasure are co-worker comments, character references, and celebrity endorsements...

Here's what people are saying about Neil:

Initiative, self-maintaining, great work ethic, highly organized, able to deal with complex technical issues, good artist, creative thinking--Neil is a pretty valuable asset. 
     - Mike Tidwell, Van Helsing Project Manager, Saffire.

Initiative... is perhaps one of Neil's most valuable abilities.  We basically required the FX guys to jump in without any previous knowledge to a set of very undeveloped and complex tools.  Neil did and flourished with very little outside direction. He made lists and schedules unprompted and really went for it on anything under his umbrella. 
     - Walter Park, Van Helsing Art Director, Saffire.

Neil is (a) designer with an amazing talent for visualizing the desired game, creating a comprehensive design document, and keeping the team building a quality game to the desired specifications.
     - Brian Christensen, Project Manager, Saffire.

Neil is willing to pick up anything that isn't getting done and attack it.  Neil became someone we relied on to get it done and he came through when we needed it.  If he agrees to do something, it gets done.  I can't think of an art task that we would not give him.  He understands new systems quickly and is able to communicate technical rules and limitations to other artists clearly.  Neil has a good bedside manner... he tends to naturally focus on what is positive.  He has the respect of his peers and his artwork is constantly top notch.
     - Jeff Peters, Director of Product Development, Beyond Games.

Neil, Thanks!  Great Mummy!
     - Steve Jackson, President, Steve Jackson Games.

Here's what some famous people might have said, if only they had ever met Neil:

I recall a poignant moment from my youth, when Neil was a lad of no more than 37 years, but possessed of keen sensibilities regarding the artistry of creating games of popular custom, and he remarked that clear communication was of the utmost import, to be obtained by diligent study of and deliberate adherence to conventional cultural ideations.  To wit, only armed with intimate knowledge of the intended audience and the particular shapes of their expectations can the author craft a story rife with surprising revelation without being wholly devoid of satisfactory comfort.
     - Horace Greely, 1877 National Spelling Bee Champion.

I wanted to call it Monkey Kong, because he is like King Kong, but smaller.  Neil says we cannot call it monkey without a tail, but already we are putting Monkey on the machines.  He wants only change M to D, and I say why?  It is obviously not a donkey.  Neil only smile and says "Obviously."
     - Shigeru Miyamoto, Veteran Game Designer, Nintendo

I pretty much patterned him after Neil.  Neil had all the qualities of suave and deadly efficiency that I wanted my action-adventure hero to exhibit.
     - Ian Fleming, writer of the James Bond series.