(2010) MONOPOLY Streets     (Official Site)
(PS3, XBOX 360, Wii - Electronic Arts): Lead Designer

(2010) Star Trek Online      (Official Site)
(PC - Cryptic Studios): Lead VFX and Art Pre-production Lead

(2009) Littlest Pet Shop: Spring     (Official Site)
(NDS - Electronic Arts): Mini-game Design

(2009) Champions Online     (Official Site)
(PC - Cryptic Studios): Senior VFX Artist

(2008) LUX Delux     (Sample)
(PC - SillySoft): Freelance Map Designer

(2005) City of Villains     (Official Site)
(PC - NCSoft): FX Artist

(2005) Pele's Futbol Challenge     (Official Site)
(Mobile - Superscape): 3D Artist/Animator

(2005) Inferno 500    
(Tabletop - Lightning Studios): Game Designer

(2004) Van Helsing     (See my samples)
(PS2, Xbox - Vivendi Universal): FX Artist

(2002) Hot Wheels: Velocity X     (Read a review)
(PS2, GameCube, PC - THQ): Art Director/Designer

(2001) Motor Mayhem     (Read a review)
(PS2 - Infogrammes): Lead Designer/Animator

(2000) Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling Adventure    (Read a review)
(PC - Quaker): Level Designer/Animator

(1999) Redline     (Read a review)
(PC - Accolade): 3D Artist

(1998) GURPS: Undead     (View the Official Website)
(Pen&Paper - Steve Jackson Games): Freelance Illustrator

(1998) In Nomine: The Final Trumpet
(Pen&Paper - Steve Jackson Games): Freelance Illustrator

(1998) GURPS: Egypt     (View the Official Website)
(Pen&Paper - Steve Jackson Games): Freelance Illustrator

(1998) Outwars
(PC - Microsoft): Freelance Digital Artist

(1997) Critical Depth
(PSX - GT Interactive): Freelance Digital Artist

(1996) WWF Wrestling In your House     (Read a review)
(PSX, Saturn, PC - Acclaim): Artist

(1995) Mortal Kombat III
(SNES, Genesis, PC - Midway): Artist

(1995) Talengarde     (Read a review)
(Tabletop - Lightning Studios): Game Designer/Illustrator

(1994) SeaQuest DSV 
(SNES, Genesis - THQ): Artist

(1994) RISK 
(Genesis - Parker Brothers): Artist