Web Articles

Some news items can get out of control, and before you know it I have a full blown rant or feature length story on my hands.  This sort of thing has its place, but not as a quick news update.  The place for these more in depth web writings is here.  Here is where I will collect and share my Web Articles.

How I made a MTG card illustration
A s
tep-by-step art process

Team Dream
A rant/mission-statement for game production sociality/psychology

Evil Pie
Pestering Mark Rosewater with dumb e-mails

Is there a draft in here?
A look at a fun and challenging format of playing Magic: the Gathering

City of Villains: End of Beta Event
The dev team makes an assault on the testers to herald the release of the game

Shigeru Miyamoto at GDC 2007
My report of the presentation on Creative Vision

Clint Hocking at GDC 2007
What I got from the presentation on Exploration in Games

Coming Soon:

The Creation of Talengarde
My board game making memoirs