Video Games

I have always loved video games.   A good thing too, because it's how I plan to make a specific career using my love for games and art in general.  And I plan on using all powers at my disposal to make those games great.  Since before I first joined Sculptured Software as an entry level art grunt, I knew that this is where I wanted be.  And that's where I have been for over 13 years.  So its little wonder that so many of my projects fall into the video game category. 

Cryptic Studios Game Projects:

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Saffire Game Projects:

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Beyond Games Projects:


REDLINE 2  -  Read about the sequel that almost was...

Ancient History:


Before Beyond Games was the 16-bit days at Sculptured Software, and a brief period of freelancing through Axiom Design on Single Trac projects.  Before that... was pure research.  Who knew that all the hours I spent dropping quarters into those arcade machines would be part of my education?

My Video Game Hall of Fame

More than a few of my favorite video games:
Mario Brothers - The first game I played that allowed 2 players simultaneous, and therefore made a leap in game AI.  Now that is interactive.
Robotron - Don't think, just play.  Paved the way for Smash T.V. and Galaxy Monkey.
Ladybug - Pac-man was good and all, but did he have revolving doors?
Joust - thematically cool, mechanically (still) original... and music to my ears.
Lode Runner - The first game I played that let you make levels.  I made levels more than I played them.
Mappy - cute and bouncy.... what's not to like?  Why isn't this character still around?
Sinistar - this game had awesome tension... BEWARE, I LIVE!!!!!
Rogue - this PC game stole many hours... stupid Nymph!
Mr. Do's Castle - A step up from digging in the dirt.
Gyruss - the love-child of Galaxian and Tempest.
Golden axe - Side scrolling beat 'em up classic.
Gauntlet - Original coin-eating dungeon-crawling hack-n-slash adventure.
Wizard - C64 game that let you edit and save levels.  It gave access to AI, animations, items, and much, much, more.  Take that, Mr. Robot!
Zelda: Link to the past - In the Zelda series, I played this one the most.
Star Control - Archon in space?
Doom - I played this breakthrough FPS way too much... only managed to make a dozen levels.
Day of the Tentacle - Maniac Mansion was good, but this was game was fantastic!
Poy Poy - rock tossing multiplayer mayhem
Warcraft - oH sure, an RTS... but it was also a city building competition...
Armored Core - I lost a lot of sleep tweaking my mech (If you know what I mean...)
Worms - Best artillery game since Sorched Earth, now back on XBOX arcade.
Metal Gear Solid - Yes, stealth action was around before this, but this game catapulted it into a solid genre.
Gloom - Best. Quake Mod. Evar.
Ape Escape - gave meaning to the existence of the dual shock controller...
Samba De Amigo - I admit I rather enjoy rhythm games, as well as games that use strange input devices (DDR, Eyetoy, Karaoke Revolution)
Katamari Damacy - who knew that a gob of souls could be so disturbingly fun.
Super Mario Galaxy - Just the latest in a noble family of game greats.